About us

We are a small family run clothing design business based in Northern NSW, Australia. We specialise in making you look and feel great with our original, one of a kind clothing. Inspired by up-cycling/recycling, Japanese designs, the 1960's and 1970's. A lot of our creations have a retro look to them and no piece has the same combo of fabric. We source our materials from fabric stores, opp-shops, friends here in Australia and on our trips to Japan and New Zealand. 

Michelle, the owner of the business is a qualified textile designer and comes from a long line of seamstresses. She has been making clothing since her childhood. Her husband Paul helps out in the design and manufacture process, he also learnt to sew as a child. They have three children that help from time to time and give their youthful perspective to our designs.

The name Geckos New Tail comes from a children's book "How the gecko lost it's tail" from Michelle's childhood. The story evokes the idea of getting a second chance. Hence some of the materials we use are getting a second chance.

We love making bespoke pieces for our customers and welcome you to get in touch with anything you would like made or altered.